Keuneukai Hot Public Bath in Sukajaya Sub-District, Sabang Regency - Indonesia

Those who visit Sabang Regency should consider coming to Sukajaya Sub-District. Aside from the beautiful Keuneukai (Jaboi) Beach, the region owns other interesting attractions such as Keuneukai Hot Public Bath. The good thing is that it is located near to the beach, so everyone can get to the site easily. That means tourists can take a bath there after exploring the beach! The hot public bath is quite helpful to relieve stresses while witnessing the beauty of sea scenery as well. Thanks to the strategic location after all.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the hot public bath looks modest and small. However, it has a good popularity among the locals. Even outsiders often come to the location, especially during weekends. According to the locals, the source of the hot water comes from Jaboi Volcano (located in the midst of Weh Island). The management takes advantage of the hot water and mixes it with fresh water, so it becomes warm and safe for everyone. Even the amount of sulfur content is not harmful at all. There are two prime ponds for tourists to use on the site. Not to mention the location faces the stunning sea!

Exploring Keuneukai Hot Public Bath
Usually, tourists either visit Jaboi Beach first or go to the hot public bath first (or vice versa). Despite the priority difference, both of the places offer an amazing environment for them to enjoy. For those who look for relaxation, though, they must not miss the chance to take a bath in Keuneukai Hot Public Bath. They can spend several minutes bathing in the pond and relax on the site (either alone or with families). Have no worries. The sulfur content of the ponds is quite safe, so everyone can enjoy it even the kids.

Not only the hot public bath is quite relaxing, but it gives good effects to the health. Thanks to warm water. The skin pores may open and takes healthy minerals contained in the water. Some locals even believe that the sulfuric water helps them to cure some diseases like rheumatics, itches, hypertension, etc. Moreover, it helps to improve vitality and relieve joint problems. They don’t even need to buy drugs to deal with those health issues anymore.

For first-timers, though, they need to pay attention to several tips before heading to Keuneukai Hot Bath. The most important thing is that they must carry extra clothes when visiting the site. Next, it is not allowed to use any soap while bathing in the pond. Here is another thing. For those who carry snacks, they are not allowed to eat them while bathing!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Beurawang Beach
  • Balohan Hill
  • Arun Beach
  • Pria Laot Waterfall

How to Get There
The distance between Sabang City and Keuneukai Hot Public Bath is around 14.8 km. That means tourists need to spend a trip of 30 minutes to get to the site by local transportation service. Their first destination is Sukajaya Sub-District, actually. Next, they can simply head to Keuneukai Village and reach the site right away.

Where to Stay

  • Flamboyant Resort
  • Pade Dive Resort

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