Pasir Putih Keuneukai Beach in Sabang City, Aceh - Indonesia

Featuring many exotic beaches, Sabang City should be everyone’s destination for the next holiday. It is because tourists can choose one or more beaches to visit during the vacation. For instance, it is Pasir Putih Keuneukai, which is located in Kenekai Village. Like other beaches in Indonesia, this one offers pristine sea scenery and warm refreshing atmosphere. In a nutshell, tourists can various activities once they get to the site. These include beach walking, family recreation, sand-castle building, swimming, fishing, and photography. Some locals even come to the location for fishing, in fact.

The Nuance
In terms of name, “Pasir Putih” means white sand. As tourists may expect, the beach offers soft-textured white sand with a sloping landscape. Also, the beach comes with a long coastline (which is perfect for beach walking). As for the sea, it has calm waves and light blue color. The good thing is that the beach resides near to a local settlement. This explains why many local kids are often seen on the site, playing around either on the sand or in the water. Somehow, such nuance is worth a photo shoot as well.

Exploring Pasir Putih Keuneukai Beach
Most tourists come to this place in order to enjoy its nuance, actually. The formation of trees resides near to coastline, adding comfy atmosphere to the site. That means visitors can simply sit under the trees and witness the stunning views of the sea on the horizon. Even the sound of the waves provides relaxing ambiance to the beach. The good thing is that the waves are considered safe for tourists to swim. Even kids are allowed to get in the water (under parents’ supervision). For beginners, it is better to stay near to the side of the coastline, though.

The next thing to do in Pasir Putih Keuneukai Beach is none other than beach walking. The warm and stunning sand awaits everyone, after all. Here is the thing. The texture of the sand is not quite soft due to the presence of some gravel. In this case, tourists should consider wearing sandals when exploring the area. Do not forget to get to the stone pier located there. It is, definitely, the best place for sightseeing and taking photos.

Another impressive fact regarding the beach is the presence of reliable facilities on the site. These include toilets and small food vendors. Even people can take advantage of the simple “mushola” for praying during the visit. As for the tips, make sure to carry enough cash to buy some foods or drinks later. Carrying snacks and bottled water is optional, actually.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The good thing is that Pasir Putih Keuneukai Beach is located near to Iboih Beach, so it has an easy accessibility. From Sabang City, travelers can directly head to Kenekai Village by any type of transportation. If they come with a private vehicle, they can park it in the village and walk to the beach (which takes several minutes).

Where to Stay

  • Finall Hotel
  • Amira Bungalow
  • Iboih Inn
  • Weh Resort

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