Sarang Cave in Sukajaya Sub-District, Sabang Regency - Indonesia

Of all natural attractions located in Sabang Regency, caves also become a unique allure to tourists. One of them is located in Paya (Gampong Iboih) Village, which is called Sarang Cave. In terms of territory, it belongs to Sukajaya Sub-District actually. “Sarang” means a nest. Why is the name? Well, as the name suggests, visitors may find the nest of bats and swallows there. Aside from such uniqueness, the cave becomes an interesting tourist destination to enjoy caving and adventure. The only consideration is that tourists should take a motorcycle in order to get to the site, as no public transportation is available to get to the location.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the unique character of the cave is the presence of bats’ and swallows’ nests. However, tourists come to the location for numerous reasons. Aside from witnessing the nests, they also want to feel the nuance! It is because Sarang Cave resides in the foothill and within the protected forest area of Weh Island. Not to mention it is located near to the sea! No wonder, visitors may feel peaceful and pristine atmosphere once they get to the site.

Exploring Sarang Cave
People have many motives to visit Sarang Cave after all. Here is an example. They want to enjoy the trip and the challenging route when heading to the location. The fact is that the trip involves numerous natural attractions including the protected forest, white sand beach, local farms, and mountains. Even the air feels so refreshing! Thus, it is going to be a soothing trip that everyone can enjoy before reaching the cave. Once they arrive at the local farms, they should park the vehicle and take a walk to the site. Have no worries. It won’t be tiring at all.

The best thing is that Sarang Cave resides near to Balek Gunung Beach. No wonder, visitors have the chance to explore the site and conquer the rocky paths of the coastline as well. With such unique landscape, tourists can enjoy trekking as well. Plus, they can use a camera and collect some great objects that reside near to the cave.

The most recommended activity to do in Sarang Cave is definitely to enter the cave or caving. One thing, the nuance is damp and dark so tourists must have prepared a flashlight beforehand. For some reason, the cave emits a strange atmosphere though. This explains why people usually come to the site either in the morning or at noon. It is because the nuance becomes a little bit creepy when day becomes darker. Here is another tip. They must come with a local guide who can help them to reach the site efficiently.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Sabang City, their prime destination is none other than Sukajaya Sub-District. The distance is 21.8 km, so the trip takes approximately 40 minutes or less. As for the best route, it is definitely Cut Nyak Dien Street.

Where to Stay
Pade Dive Resort

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